Snoring and Sex

Snoring and Sex

Team Sleep Apnea

Do You Snore?!

Studies show up to 40% of males and 24% of women habitually snore.  So rest assured, no pun intended, that you are not alone.

But did you know snoring can affect your sex life?

Studies published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine show that snoring is linked to lower levels of libido and sexual intimacy.  If you've ever had your partner yell at you to sleep in the other room, then you can sympathize!  

If you are feeling less intimate, or less desirable, and you snore, there's a good chance snoring can be the culprit.  Who knew?!

And up until recently, you (and your partner) basically just had to deal with it.  When patients used to ask me if there is anything I could do, the only thing I could recommend was a healthier lifestyle and diet, and to see your physician.  But some of my patients already were physically fit and eating healthy, and had gone through all the physician consults they could go to.

Until recently.  After studying the physiology of what happens to cause snoring, a trained dentist can now make a custom oral appliance that helps open your airway and prevent snoring!  Can you imagine what that could be like?

If you snore, and you are self conscious about it, you are not alone.  If you have questions, give us a call and we would be happy to help.

Before getting too excited to see your dentist, it is important to know that snoring can be a sign of hidden, bigger issues.  Obesity and sleep apnea are just two.  So before jumping to the first infomercial or over-the-counter snoring device that may pop up in your field of vision, go talk to your dentist and physician first, as you may inadvertently be getting an appliance that is masking a much worse disease.