Instructions Following
Scaling and Root Planing / Deep Cleaning

Most patients will not experience any post-op sensitivity after a cleaning or deep cleaning. However, exceptions can occur.

  • Any discomfort can be often be controlled by 600-800 mg (3-4 tablets) of ibuprofen taken every 6 hours as needed. Be sure to take all pain medications on a full stomach or with meals to minimize nausea.
  • Small amounts of blood may be found in the saliva for the next 24 hours following a cleaning. That is normal. Constant gauze pressure is the best way to stop bleeding. The use of a moist tea bag is also a very effective way to control any bleeding. Tea has tannic acid in it, an excellent astringent, helping to stop bleeding. If you can not stop bleeding or you think it is excessive, contact our office.
  • Excellent oral hygiene should be instituted and maintained after your cleaning or deep cleaning. If the gums are too sensitive too brush right away, warm salt water rinses help soothe the gums while they are healing.
  • Tooth sensitivity following a deep cleaning is normal, especially if a surgical deep cleaning was performed. The use of sensodyne tooth-paste before your cleaning, and for two weeks there-after will help control sensitivity. If sensitivity persists, please give us a call to discuss other ways to help decrease any sensitivity.

After your cleaning the most important thing is maintenance. Get on a mission to make your mouth pristine.